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The Nashville artist pays homage to veterans with PTSD in her latest visual.

Becky Warren has been playing to packed houses since 2003 with The Great Unknowns. However, her latest project, War Surplus, was her first effort as a solo artist. Based on the story based on an Iraq-bound soldier and his girlfriend, this concept LP is meant to not only be a collection beautiful music, the Nashville artist also hopes to touch military veterans as well as spread PTSD awareness.

In an effort to shed light on these topics, her video for Grenade is a visual representation of the idea.

"I actually shot the video for 'Grenade' myself, in my house," she tells Myspace. "A key theme for the whole album is that veterans with PTSD and their families are real people just like everyone else, which somehow gets lost sometimes in the portrayals of vets we see on the news and elsewhere. The video is meant to convey a similar message: families are struggling with the effects of combat-related PTSD in houses just like yours and mine all over."

Despite the power behind the video, Becky found getting "Grenade" to the point that we hear on the record as a bit a of a challenge.

"I wrote and re-wrote 'Grenade' several times over the course of a couple years," she says. "It started out as kind of a slow, sensitive song, and I just didn't like it even though I was happy with most of the lyrics and the music on their own. Then I realized that the woman in the song seemed too passive when the song was slow, and that wasn't really right. It worked much better when I made it more of a rock n roll song because she seems less willing to accept what's happening."

Her album, War Surplus, is out now.

Watch the video below.

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